The Circle Gallery Exhibit, Athens, GA

The Circle Gallery Exhibit recreates a native plant garden room at the Reserve.

Working in partnership with the University of Georgia's College of the Environment and Design, SHR produced an art installation that replicated a native plant garden room at the Reserve. One of the guiding design principles they applied that persists today is: "Right Plant, Right Place." This principle is the horticultural foundation for planting design that is ecologically sustainable.

This installation at the Circle Gallery had three goals: to teach the general public, students and faculty at CED about a special habitat of native plants, to demonstrate that design with 100% native plants is achievable, beautiful and sustainable, and to take the gallery visitors on a tour of the garden. Through photography, garden spaces at the Reserve were recreated in the gallery with specific plants and their horticultural features and values highlighted. Maps of the area informed visitors of the Reserve's role and context within the Southern Appalachian ecological, hydrologic and cultural matrix.