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Conservation is the act of preserving current ecosystems so that they can be enjoyed by current and future generations. This is the basis upon which the Reserve was first created and plant conservation remains one of the leading goals of the Southern Highlands Reserve. The role of conservation takes many forms at the Reserve. We work diligently to secure rare and threatened species of the Southern Appalachians through proper channels to protect them outside of their native habitats. This allows for research, propagation, sharing, and reintroductions to be possible in the future. We also monitor changes to our natural world and the impact on the plant species we harbor, such as climate change. Our program actively works  in applying and finding best management practices to preserve our natural areas. We seek to share this knowledge with the public and our many partners in conservation as we strive toward building a resilient plant community for tomorrow.

The Florida Torreya (Coming Soon!)

Phenological Observations (COMING SOON!)